Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Camping and Bear Lake!

We took Corgan camping for his first time a couple of weeks ago and he loved it! It was so much fun to watch him try everything out for the first time!
Roasting hot dogs with Daddy for the first time!
He had so much fun helping us set up the tent and when we were done he just ran around in it!

We went on a hike and he loved playing in the water with the rocks and just playing with them!
Corgan and Claire had so much fun! They were such troopers and walked the whole way!
It was so fun to have Grandma and Grandpa along with us.Do you ever wonder what happens when you leave two 2 year olds in a tent unsupervised? Now you know! Claire and Corgan played with my mascara! Isn't she a such a pro?
They had fun watching movies while we made breakfastThe last day we headed to Bear Lake for a family reunion. It is always fun to see everyone and hang out for a while. This is Corgan's cute cousin Cooper!
Claire and Corgan had a blast hanging out in the warm pool. So cute!

Willard Bay and the 4th of July

This summer has been so busy but probably one of the best we have ever had! Corgan is so much fun to have around and it is awesome trying everything with him.
We went to Willard Bay with some friends and had a blast!
He was not a fan AT ALL of the life jacket! Corgan went out on the tube with Brad and loved it! He looks scared because he hated his life jacket.
Here is Corgan and his friends watching everyone wakeboard.
He loved playing in the cabin area. Especially when we were docked and he didn't have to have his life jacket on!
I tried to get up on the wakeboard but with no success. I SUCK AT IT! I ALWAYS HAVE! I thought maybe since I picked up snowboarding I might be better. NOPE!
Brad did great! He did have a couple of nice spills but he did really well!
The fourth was fun! Corgan was not way into fireworks. Maybe next year. We had a chance to hang out with family and have a great time!

Corgan and his Cousin Mason would not get out of the back on our Aunt's truck. They felt much safer in there during fireworks. At one point, the illegal fireworks from down the street tipped over and it looked like a war zone so I really don't blame them.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What we have been up to!

Here are some pictures from the last couple of months!

Corgan learned to ride a horse...and feed the ducks!He got a tattoo.....and went on Thomas the Train!

Went on his first boat ride....and touched his first fish...

and had a great day fishing with Daddy and Joe and Jerry!Finally learned to climb by himself on the slides at Kangaroo Zoo! (Yea for mom!)Got a serious haircut!Went to California with Daddy.....and Uncle B! Decided to take a bath fully clothed. Started swim lessons with his cousins.

Now he is learning to mow the lawn...sort of!

Now if the weather would just be good enough that we can get outside more and finally do some real summer stuff!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


This year Easter was so much fun! We spent all weekend at Easter egg hunts and Corgan was so cute. It took him a little bit to understand the concept
What the heck!
Here are Claire and Drew with Corgan at the first one.
Now what?
He kept sticking his eggs in Claire's Basket.
By the next day at Grandpa and Grandma Farr's he had it down.
And by Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa Webb's he was a pro!
Off they go!
Their neighbor had a bunny that the kids thought was great!
We hope you all had a great Easter!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We spent the last week in Maui and we had so much fun! We went with Brad's family and his Niece and Nephew that are just a few months older than Corgan. They had a blast together. It was a great adventure. Traveling with Corgan is very interesting. I feel like we have 5 times more luggage and it takes 5 times as long to do anything, but, it would not be fun for us with out him! We feel like we are experiencing everything for the first time again when he is with us! Everything for him is new and exciting and it is so fun to share it with him! Here are a few pictures from our trip.
Brad and Corgan at the Black Sand Beach.

There were these cool lava rocks in the ocean that we found. Here is Brad standing out on one and getting sprayed. Of course with his phone in his pocket (which is what Brad is getting really good at!) Someone told me to put it in rice and it would work again and it worked!! That would've been the 3rd phone this year! Sorry honey but it's true! :)
We hiked some cool waterfalls and it was so green and beautiful!
Here is Claire and Corgan throwing rocks into the waterfall.
There was this really cool park we found on one of our excursions. It had a huge play area and the kids loved it!
We biked 28 miles! Ok, it was downhill. But still 28 miles! It was tons of fun!
Here are the kids trying to Hula. Claire was the only one that sort of understood. Corgan and Drew just clapped for her. It was so cute! These three are so much fun to have close in age! It's interesting and sometimes frustrating but they are so fun!
This picture totally captures Corgan's personality! He is so easy going (other than a mild melt down on the beach one day!). He loves to just chill. We were hanging out on the beach while Brad was body boarding. It was way fun!
Corgan wanting to playing on the boards!
We went snorkeling and went out on a boat that had a glass bottom. The kids loved looking at the fish under the boat.
Does it get any better than this?
Daddy and Corgan chilling on the beach.
Corgan loved playing in the sand. Here is Claire playing with him!

He loved his sun glasses. He actually would keep them on!